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Our Pages Ltd could end up paying you commission!

If YOU subscribe to use any of Our pages Ltd's Personal Domains and generate a website using OurPages Instant Editable Website Creation Templates, or are already the owner of a Web Site and want to be an Affiliate*, (ideal for a school, church or charity looking for new ways to boost funds by publicising OurPages Instant Editable Websites from their existing web site in the knowledge that everyone can try before they buy it and only subscribe if the product meets their visitor's expectations), then click the link Affiliate's Agreement now. Every time someone clicks the Want Your Own Web-Site? link from a Personal Web Site or any other link to one of our websites from an Affiliate's Website, they will be connected to one of Our Pages Ltd's sites like the one you are reading now. Visitors from either our Customers’ or Affiliates’ sites will read that the owners of the site that referred them, will be credited One Pound commission if they sign up and continue using our service after the 7 days' trial period is over, as indeed they themselves will be entitled to commission for their own introductions should they subscribe to use our service.

Tip! If you want more than one website or you know that friends and relations want a site for themselves, register one website to begin with, then register the second website or get your friends to register their site by clicking the 'Want Your Own Web Site?' link from your website; this will enable both of you to see at first hand, how introductions for earning commission are instantly displayed so that both the 'introducer' and the 'introduced' can see details for themselves whilst online, as well of course, as being a nice way to start earning commission!

If your visitor does indeed subscribe to use our services as a result of clicking an Our Pages Ltd' promotional link from your website, we will credit you one pound for the referral as long as we can identify that this has occurred by: (a) being able to place a cookie on your visitor's computer, providing their web browser accepts cookies (most do), or (b) inviting the visitor to bookmark this web page; so, if you have been referred to us from another site, please bookmark this web page now - (click your favourites' button on your browser). Subscribers (via the 'Commission drop down menu' on their Administration page) (i) will be able to view the name of the Web Site that introduced them and (ii) both subscribers (via their Administration Controls) and Affiliates (via the Affiliate's Commission Records page) can view the status of referrals and activate a Payments Button to see if they are due commission.

Commission payments are paid quarterly. To minimise administration, commission payments are only made four times a year on a quarter day; also there is a 3 months' time lapse before commission payments can be claimed, this period being calculated from the date that the credit or bank card is used to pay for the Subscription; this policy is to prevent fraudsters attempting to earn commission by using stolen credit cards and our making payments before their activity is drawn to our attention by the bank or credit card company. To combat card fraud, we ourselves have agreed not to be entitled to the first 3 months' portion of a Customer's initial or renewal subscription until after 3 months have elapsed from the date the Customer has subscribed or renewed their subscription to use the Personal Domain Service. Commission credited to Our Pages Ltd's Customers and Affiliates will ONLY be paid to the beneficiaries in accordance with the provisions set out in item 12(f) of the Registration and User Conditions and item 4(i) of the Affiliate's Agreement.

Note: To earn commission as a Customer you must have actually subscribed to use Our pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service. Commission cannot be earned during the 24 hours that we allow you to create your first web site using our Self Editable Website Creation Templates, but can be earned during the 7 days' trial period, providing you do not cancel your subscription.

Commissions are paid via PayPal's Mass Payments Service.
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Affiliates can make money promoting our Editable WebSites.
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Affiliates can check the status of introductions anytime.
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Affiliates Agreement sets out Terms and Conditions.
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Our pages, instant editable websites

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IMPORTANT:  *OurPages Instant Editable Software has only recently been made available from this website. We are sorry but we are unable to accept applications from Affiliates at the present moment we suggest, if you would like to become an affiliate, to bookmark this site so that you can visit it again at a future date.